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My First Stand-Up Show in 8 Years!


Helping the little guys: How startups are working with Visa to serve SMEs

All businesses need to balance their books. While small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are known to be innovative and agile, they are not spared from traditional accounting challenges, particularly with cash flow and resource management.

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徐懷鈺 Yuki – 向前衝+我是女生+青春修煉手冊+水晶 (2015.08.21 天天向上)

Hypebeast vs. Highsnobiety: A Journey Towards the Heart of Content

Founded in 2005 by sneaker enthusiast and college student Kevin Ma, Hypebeast is a footwear blog that has grown into a loud and unignorable voice in culture media at large.

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科技打造長生不老 意識移稙機械人「換殼」復活

原文刊於信報財經新聞專欄「StartupBeat 創科鬥室」 城中富豪近年積極與科技巨頭聯手對抗死亡,試圖透過創新科技令自己逃過大限。專家預計,抗衰老技術未來10年有望讓人類平均壽命延長至120歲。30年後,科技甚至可令人

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Uber’s self-driving trucks are now delivering cargo in Arizona

Uber’s big push to dominate the trucking industry took a leap forward today with the announcement that the ride-hailing giant is now operating its fleet of self-driving trucks on its freight-hauling app.

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Silicon Valley Is Over, Says Silicon Valley

Robin Li, an investor with the San Francisco venture capital firm GGV Capital, was standing in the lobby of the Madison building in downtown Detroit.

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職場散工化 Uber模式無限延伸


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高凌风最后一眼望金友庄 宝弟代父了演唱会遗愿

香港故事-璀璨之後:黃宇詩 | 小天地

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Browse ICOs and ratings

MediChain is a Medical Big-Data Platform. It allows patients to store their own data in a secure way and give access to specialists. Midex is blockchain based Financial platform with licensed exchange approved by Swiss bankers and lawyers.

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Early Facebook and Google Employees Form Coalition to Fight What They Built

SAN FRANCISCO — A group of Silicon Valley technologists who were early employees at Facebook and Google, alarmed over the ill effects of social networks and smartphones, are banding together to challenge the companies they helped build.

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Mammoth Media, the startup behind chat fiction app Yarn, raises $13M

Mammoth isn’t not the first startup to pitch itself as reinventing entertainment for smartphones, but for the most part, that message has come from gaming companies. Co-founder and CEO Benoit Vatere said he wanted to take the mobile-centric approach beyond gaming and social media.

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45 歲的抉擇


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原文刊於信報財經新聞專欄「StartupBeat創科鬥室」 智能電單車共享初創Scooterson近日宣布獲得175萬美元(約1365萬港元)種子融資,領投方為金屬汽車零件製造商Arsat Industry。Scooterson總部位於美國加州,該公司設計的電單車Rolley

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共享經濟模式有變 (車品覺)

本文作者車品覺,為紅杉資本中國基金專家合夥人、原阿里巴巴集團副總裁,為《信報》撰寫專欄「全民大數據」 不少黑客以身試法,以各種形式的網絡攻擊,威脅企業數據安全。(Freepik網上圖片)

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ofo不敵地頭蛇 三藩市吃閉門羹


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Why Lifestyle Influencers Are The Next ‘It’ Endorser

The ever-changing celebrity-brand landscape continues to evolve. Just in the past ten years, we have seen an added dimension of endorsers, from athletes and actors to now chefs and social stars. And in 2016, the shift continues.

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10 Ridiculously Simple Steps for Writing a Book

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words. –Mark Twain The hard part of writing a book isn’t getting published. It’s the actual writing. In this article, I offer 10 steps for writing a book along with 10 bonus steps. To download them all, click here.

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歷史節目年輕學者主持 曾卓然輕鬆想當年


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波仔打造Wave工廈唔憂賣 (麥狄文)

本文作者麥狄文(徐狄怡)為證監會持牌人,在《信報》撰寫專欄「金融街密語」 中資高價搶地已經唔係乜嘢新聞,海航高價搶奪啟德住宅地皮令市場嘩然,不過中資喺香港掃貨,亦唔係下下都可以買中心頭好。阿Man最近就

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